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The Grand Café Fauchon

No matter what time of day you choose to rendezvous at The Grand Café Fauchon, a truly spectacular dining experience awaits.

The Grand Café Fauchon Restaurant is truly the only one; the only spot in Paris which is a rendezvous not just of Parisians, but also of Parisian ideals. Come here to experience all of life’s most wonderful sensations — eat, drink, toast, laugh, love, snack, share, kiss, indulge, chat, and celebrate — in one of the most stunning and impressive maisons in all of Paris.

No matter what time you arrive at The Grand Café Fauchon Restaurant , you will have the ability to dine on Fauchon gourmet delicacies from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m and Sunday & Monday from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

As the clock ticks away from sunrise until late night, The Grand Café Fauchon is open, serving our coveted gourmet fare.

Breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Lunch, Glam’Hours (what we like to call Gourmet Happy Hours), All-Day Dining, Teatime, Dinner, and Late-Night Fare. Every meal is a gourmet experience as only Fauchon can deliver.

The Grand Café Fauchon is the finest incarnation of the Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris to date. It pays homage to our founder Auguste Fauchon, an innovator who truly redefined Parisian cuisine, delicacies, and sweets. He was a man with a vision for seeking pleasure in food and drink and we celebrate his legacy here each and every day. Auguste Fauchon was not just someone passionately committed to pleasure. He was also a seeker of quality and fiercely dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products he worked with and sold came from the best producers in France.

Our team of chefs at The Grand Café Fauchon are talented artisans. Chefs who pride themselves on an innate know-how, the finest products available, atypical Parisian preparations, innovative recipes, and dedicated, efficient service.

Discover your favorite personality of The Grand Café Fauchon Restaurant. Maybe you prefer the vibrant outside terrace where you can sit in the shadow of the Madeleine Church and watch the world go by. Perhaps the impressive décor of the café’s interior is more to your liking – warm, intimate, with pops of color, and an animated ambiance where the who’s who of Paris come to see and be seen.