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Perfume Museums

What is a visit to Paris without an opportunity to learn more about the history of perfume? There are two perfume museums within easy access of the hotel.

The Fragonard Fragrance Museum

The Fragonard Fragrance Museum features a unique museum concept in that it offers a look at all of the steps that give life to this mythical object of luxury in our everyday life: perfume. The Fragonard Perfumery presents all of the secrets of the production of perfume including raw materials, picking, extraction, distillation, formulation, industrialization, bottles, the creation, and the job of “the nose.”
In an adjacent part of the museum, there is an exceptional collection of ancient bottles, which trace the history of the perfume of ancient Egypt in the 20th century including kohl pots, pomanders, salad dressings, perfume burners, potpourris, travel boxes, salt flasks, and more.

The Grand Perfume Museum

The Grand Perfume Museum is a new museum in rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré that focuses on the sense of smell and how it is used to develop knowledge in the field of perfume. The museum aims to explain the perfumer’s artistic intention and the creative process featuring experts, scientists, and artists. It provides an interactive, creative, and innovative journey to understand and experiment with all of the scents involved in the making of perfume.