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As the sun sets on another remarkable Paris day, Fauchon-loving gourmets and fabulous foodies descend upon The Grand Café Fauchon in one of Paris’ most vibrant neighborhoods.

The atmosphere is lively, overflowing with laughter, a zest for life, and a desire for ultimate enjoyment.

This is the place where Parisians want to be seen, want to celebrate, and want to experience it all.

The menu at The Grand Café Fauchon is an initiation into great Fauchon gastronomy. Auguste Fauchon was not just someone passionately committed to pleasure. He was also a seeker of quality and fiercely dedicated to ensuring the quality of the products he worked with and sold came from the best producers in France.

Small plates enable everyone to taste as many elements as they want, share, and discover a new favorite. There are a wide variety of great raw curated products — ham, oysters, salmon, cheese, and more. Come experience Fauchon’s reinvention of traditional French recipes ( pâté en croûte, and innovative pastry and desserts) as well as Fauchon favorites.
Prices are based on the number of plates consumed, so the service experience is efficient, neat, and simple allowing for the primary focus to be on the food — palate-pleasing perfection in absolutely every bite and sip.

Depending on your dining companions and your mood, experience dinner at The Grand Café Fauchon as you like. On our heated, outside, sound-designed terrace which is truly the place to see and be seen; inside our stunning café with a sophisticated, stylish décor; or for a more discreet dinner, a private arrangement can be made in advance to dine at the Summer Garden.

Dinner is available nightly from 6 pm to 9:30 pm