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Breakfast at Grand Café Fauchon

All of Paris wants to rendezvous at The Grand Café Fauchon

You’ve arrived at the hottest destination restaurant for Parisians, where you can begin your day on the stunning large terrace in front on the Place de la Madeleine and enjoy people watching as Parisians begin their day or take a seat inside the impressive Grand Café featuring Fauchon’s sophisticated vision of Life at Fauchon.

Breakfast at The Grand Café Fauchon is an experience of a lifetime 

The opportunity to enjoy our five-star luxury service at one of Paris’ most admired addresses.

The vibrancy, excitement, and joie de vivre of The Grand Café Fauchon is invigorating, providing an impeccable entrée to daily life in Paris. If you want to live like a local, The Grand Café Fauchon will not disappoint!

Every day from 7:30 am to 10 am

Of course the breakfast at The Grand Café Fauchon is one you will not find anywhere else outside of our hotel. Access to the finest breads and pastries, our fresh fruits and jams, high-quality ham, cheese, chutneys smoked fish, pastries and cakes, coffees, Fauchon teas, and healthy options too. Hearty or light, how you choose to indulge each morning is completely up to you.