The Chef Service

We wouldn’t dream of designing a Fauchon hotel experience without providing an option for guests to enjoy In-Room Gourmet Moments.

We understand guests might opt for the luxury to indulge in our gourmet pleasures in the comfort and privacy of their room or suite

This is why we have designed our intimate Chef Service experience. A selection of dishes delivered in-room are actually finalized, plated, and served by our talented team in your room or suite.

Guests have the option of selecting from our All Day Dining dishes, they may order appetizers, entrees, or desserts from the restaurant menus of any of our Fauchon L'hôtel Paris venues for lunch and dinner, we provide wine and champagne bottled service promised within 10 minutes of your order, and we also served with chef’s hat.

Chef Service available until 9:30 pm

Lunch and dinner from any of our restaurant venues available during standard restaurant hours.