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Eiffel Tower Suite "AM A ROCK STAR"

Unleash your inner rockstar! The playlist of your life has always been off the charts, so celebrate your wild side with a suite that is bold, lyrical, and fun. Our AM A ROCKSTAR Suite Program enables you to strum along to your favorite vinyl tunes while you enjoying a spectacular view of the rooftops of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.



Combine your love of Paris with your love of music with the "Am A Rock Star" Suite experience:

Unleash your inner rockstar with the gifts that await you:

  • FAUCHON breakfast served in the comfort of your Suite.
  • The entire Gourmet Bar included.
  • Two iconic FAUCHON "Bisou-Bisou" pastries and two FAUCHON "Rock" cocktails.
  • A FAUCHON Rock gift.

start your day gently


This Suite Program includes a delectable gourmet breakfast in the privacy of your Suite. Contemplate the city of light coming to life, experience the excitement of Parisian life in the early morning, and awaken your senses with the first rays of the sun —unless, of course, you channel the true rockstar life and sleep in till noon.

give in to the temptation of our gourmet bar


Throughout the day, indulge in the gourmet pleasures offered by our iconic gourmet bar: our Gourmet Bar adapts to your every whim to delight your senses with a personalised selection of sweet and savoury dishes.

treat your senses

TToast the amazing rockstar lifestyle with your included FAUCHON "Rock" cocktail, a powerful concoction of Rum and spicy Whisky Liqueur refreshed by the aromas of Blackberry and Lime, accompanied by our iconic Bisou Bisou, the symbol of the House.

succumb to pleasure

The Bisou Bisou is an iconic Fauchon specialty, but it also doesn’t escape us that a true rock afficionado will see the resemblance to The Rolling Stones lips logo as well. Enjoy this fruity and delicate creation which features almond crunch and conceals a strawberry confit with a hint of Espelette pepper on a soft dacquoise enrobed in a vanilla Ganache infused with fresh mint.

unleash your inner rock star

Dare to be passionate and let yourself be surprised by our exclusive FAUCHON Rock gift to dive into the world of the biggest names in music.


Who doesn't dream of a duplex suite in Paris fit for a rockstar? The Duplex Eiffel Tower Suites are a stunning ode to music with a Gibson Guitar, turntable, and plenty of vinyl to create the soundtrack to a perfect Parisian getaway. After a day out and about exploring Paris incognito, come back and cuddle up together in the Love Chair or just marvel at the Eiffel Tower views as you strum along on the Guitar listening to your favorite tunes on the incredible in-room speakers and dream about being on stage in front of a huge audience screaming your name. For a special occasion there is nothing better than this two-story haven of indulgence, elegance, and music.


Terms & Conditions :

Offer valid for Eiffel Tower Suites.         

Subject to availability and booking of the flexible rate.