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ÖKO Face Fitness Method

ÖKO Face Fitness, the anti-aging facial exercise method founded by facialist Mari Lakspere, in exclusivity at the Beauty Spa at Fauchon Hôtel Paris.

Become your very own beauty coach!

This innovative holistic beauty expertise is already known to our establishment. It was in fact during a masterclass in one of the emblematic suites overlooking the Madeleine of Fauchon l'Hôtel Paris that the ÖKO Face Fitness brand was born in 2019. These unique appointments combining face fitness sessions & FAUCHON delicacies have since become the essential seasonal beauty pop-ups in the capital.

This beautiful story continues today at the Beauty Spa of the Fauchon Hotel Paris, that has chosen to collaborate with ÖKO Face Fitness to offer a resolutely avant-garde beauty experience, at the cutting edge of facial gym practices.

Mari Lakspere: founder of the Öko Face Fitness method

Mari Lakspere, our expert in anti-aging facials, reveals all her secrets exclusively at the Beauty Spa during personalized appointments. Create your own tailor-made beauty routine with face fitness, lymphatic drainage or the unique lifting techniques of taping. 

The principles of Face Fitness expertise are simple: just as we tone certain areas of our body, we can also target and sculpt the features of our face by toning it.

When our muscles are toned, the skin of the face is lifted, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, the complexion becomes radiant and the face looks younger.

If we told you that it is possible to...

  • Prevent the signs of aging on your face
  • Lift wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, neck and forehead
  • Eliminate puffiness on the face that makes you look puffy in the morning
  • Reduce bags and dark circles
  • plump up your mouth or enlarge your eyes


succumb to taping for a radiant complexion and lifted features

108€ - 30 minutes

This unique method in France consists of relieving accumulated tension and naturally lifting the features as soon as you wake up. The application of custom-made "tapes", adhesive strips specifically designed for the sensitive skin of the face, is adapted to your expectations and areas to be lifted: relaxation of the jawline, lifting of the forehead or cheekbones, reduction of nasolabial folds and lifting of the lips.

To act effectively, the "taps" must be left on the face for between one and eight hours (or even overnight).



Lymphatic drainage of the body: a real slimming ally

166€ - 45 minutes

The natural lymphatic drainage method helps to feel fitter, in a good mood and dynamic. This technique, which consists of gentle and slow exercises suitable for everyone, helps to reduce all the problems associated with fluid circulation: elimination of water retention in the body and toxins. The face and the body are considerably deflated: you find an overall feeling of well-being. 

The session includes a series of exercises targeted at the arms and legs, as well as massages that facilitate fluid circulation.



practice the anti-aging facial with our facialist mari lakspere

188€ - one hour

Create your own personalized routine, gain in shape and firmness, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, deflate bags or plump up lips: this tailor-made session adapts to your expectations. Visible lifting and rejuvenation results from the first month!

One-hour session: diagnosis of the areas to be remodeled and coaching on key exercises to be practiced regularly.

Recommendation: do two to three classes to develop your practice with intensive exercises.