Delicacies Discovery

Our Delicacies Discovery is a Gourmet Moment to put at the top of your “must do” list. This one-hour session focuses on a seasonal product, which we invite you to discover with a Fauchon chef.

The chef will delight you with educational and interesting details on the ingredient itself as well as demonstrate a variety of ways to prepare it.

Four Delicacies Discovery themes are available all year long (Chocolate, Tea, Coffee, and Champagne) in addition to four purely seasonal themes — which might include Strawberry and Apricot for spring/summer or Mushrooms for September and Truffle in November and December (seasonal themes are subject to change).

The Delicacies Discovery one-hour sessions are divided into three distinct parts:
1. Discovery: learn all about the ingredient – including its history, geographical origin, basic product details.
2. Tasting: sample recipes featuring the ingredient – which might include sweet, salty, liquid – and always with one or two amazing and striking recipes with a food, wine and tea pairing if the guest so desires.
3. Participation: cook with a Fauchon chef during a hands-on cooking experience using a recipe and this product.

Participants receive a Fauchon apron, certificate, small gift, and a selfie with the chef!

Reservations: Delicacies Discoveries must be pre-arranged 48 hours in advance.