Tasting Dinner

A real moment of sharing around wine and a dinner concocted by our chef Frédéric Claudel

Château de Beaucastel

Thursday  6th June 2019


Book now your dinner event at Fauchon L'Hotel Paris, and come to taste the mythical appellation Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The Grand Café Fauchon and the Cave Fauchon receive Charles Perrin for the tasting evening.


PRICE : 120 € / PERS

Only 20 places are available

Since five generations, the Perrin family has been perpetuating the traditions by cultivating its vines organically, making "Château du Beaucastel" a precursor in the development of organic wines.

Conviviality and pleasure will be at the rendezvous of the Tasting Dinner organized by Philippe Sauvaget from la Cave Fauchon. The wonderful wines of Château Beaucastel will be associated with the cuisine of Fauchon.

A real moment of sharing around wine and a dinner concocted by our chef Fréderic Claudel and orchestrated by our Director of Restoration, Tim Abenhaim.

Tasting Menu  «Winemakers at the table of Fauchon»


Côtes du Rhône blanc 2018 Famille Perrin

Creamy goat cheese with honey and thyme-rosemary Foccacia


Château de Beaucastel blanc 2016

Asparagus white "Bio" of Anjou, Mustard tile, Hollandaise sauce


Château de Beaucastel blanc Roussanne VV 2016

European Lobster Riso, Emulsified Bisque Juice


Gigondas Clos des Tourelles 2012

Golden Redfish, Chorizo and Chorizo Supions with Bouille Juice


Château de Beaucastel rouge 2015

Roasted Lozère lamb, Artichokes, Riquette, Piquillos, Anchovies and Olives


Château de Beaucastel rouge 2010

Brillat Savarin, Toasted Spelled Bread


Shortbread with strawberries and lemon sorbet