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Carita Amenities

When guests come to stay at Fauchon L'hôtel Paris, their ability to live life like a Parisian means access to the beauty products savvy Parisians use every day: Carita.

A leading local Paris beauty brand, it is quite rare to find Carita in luxury hotels, and, in fact, only three other hotels in Paris (none anywhere else in the world!) provide complimentary Carita amenities.

Guests of Fauchon L'hôtel Paris will be able to enjoy Carita products in their room or suite including soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and shower gel.

Known globally as the brand where beauty unfolds, Carita is all about the arts. The Art of Method. The Art of Formulation. And The Art of Luminosity.

Carita has a well-respected reputation in Paris for over 70 years. The company began in the Maison de Beauté on the nearby rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in 1946 by the Carita sisters, Rosy and Maria, who believe “luxury is found not only in matter and texture but also in service and personalization.” The two sisters with decidedly avant-garde attitudes expanded their focus from hairdressing to reinvent women as a whole. They created the concept of “total beauty” long before it became mainstream and believed it was their calling to reveal each woman’s beauty by providing tailor-made treatments and incredibly effective cosmetics.

Carita is also the organization with which we have partnered to operate our Carita Beauty Spa. The company brings its in-depth knowledge and expert training to Fauchon L'hôtel Paris to provide our guests with the very best beauty and skincare products for your daily beauty regimens as well as a variety of treatments to pamper and reinvigorate.

Carita and Fauchon share many of the same tenets: efficiency, art, excellence, and expertise so it was a natural decision for us to share Carita Amenities with our guests.